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Discover this week :

  • Love or something like it? from Max Nussembaum curated by Aurore Lanchart,

  • Onlyfans for adults only? rom Ali Abouelatta curated by Aurore Lanchart,

  • The good thing about Checklists in UX? curated by Deborah Lepunski,

  • Infinite Revenue? curated by Patrick Kervern,

  • Advice to your young(er) self by Julien Triverio,

  • Bonus: find also a selection of some top newsletters that we will be pushing in the next few weeks.

#1 Love or something like it 

Published on August 16th 2021 in the newsletter called My Super Secret Diary (source article click here), written by Max Nussenbaum.

I used to think of dating as a game that you won by getting the other person to like you as much as possible. But now I lead with my flaws, since the ones who like me anyway are the ones I hope stick around.

Sometimes you spend so much time trying to hide the ugly bits, only to realize you were covering up the wrong things all along.

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Max Nussembaum, spelunker, herpetologist, ultracrepidarian, propagandist, has a hook-hand. Program director at On Deck. He also writes the newsletter http://mysupersecretdiary.com

#2 Onlyfans for adults only?

Published on May 30th 2021 in the newsletter called First1000 (source article click here), written by Ali Abouelatta.

OnlyFans is actually a family business, Tim’s father Guy (ex-investment banker at Barclays), who is 77, is technically a Co-Founder and the Head of Finance, and Tim’s older brother Thomas is the Chief Operating Officer.

Instagram was gaining a ton of steam and many adult entertainers would be using it to post pictures and videos to promote themselves. However, Instagram has been censoring and taking down adult content. Tim had an insight - why not build a paid social feed, similar to Instagram and Twitter, that allows these creators to safely capture the value of their content.

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Ali Abouelatta is a product manager at Juno and the author of the newsletter First1000. He publishes every week how some great companies signed their first 1000 customers. First1000 helps founders get their first 1000 customers.

#3 How about having a checklist (UX)?

How to Use checklists to improve UX (source article click here) published on Oct 4th 2018 in the newsletter called Enjoy (on Medium), curated by Deborah Lepunski.

A checklist is a way to: - manage complexity on behalf of our users; - offer a visual representation of a user’s place in the broader journey; - help reinforce a sense of accomplishment; - help people identify urgent priorities.

People rely on two modes of thinking in everyday life: 1/ minimal cognitive effort mode, for what we do almost automatically every day with little or no thought, intuitively -2/ complex problem-solving mode, for making major decisions that requires considerable, slow and deliberate cognitive effort => Incorporating a checklist into a product means that almost no cognitive effort has to be expended by the user to understand what to do and what’s expected of them (=reduces decision fatigue).

Moreover, checklists offer users a clear visual representation of how far along they are in an ongoing process and how close they are to the satisfaction of completing it: checklists prevent them from feeling guilty about failing to complete a task (Zeigarnik effect) and give them frequent dopamine hits to feel more engaged and satisfied as they move towards task completion (goal-gradient effect).

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Déborah Lepunski, Head of Growth in a startup. UX Expert in consumer companies (BtoC).

#4 Infinite Revenue?

Infinite Revenue, Infinite Possibilities (source article click here) published on July 19th 2021 in the newsletter called Not Boring (+60,000 subsribers), curated by Patrick Kervern.

The Pay To Earn era has come. Axie Infinity based on Web3 modular architecture is building a new model of infinite revenues possibility argues Packy McCormick. Axie Infinity is a Pokémon-like game built on the Ethereum blockchain in which people buy digital pets, called Axies, as NFTs, and breed, battle, and trade them.

In its whitepaper, Axie developer Sky Mavis explicitly says, “You can think of Axie as a nation with a real economy.” Indeed has: it generated 79 million dollars in 18 days.

The Axie protocol generates revenue by taking a 4.25% fee when players buy and sell Axie NFTs in its marketplace, and by charging fees for breeding Axies to create new ones in the form of its tokens.

Delphi projects that Axie will end the year having generated $1.1 billion in revenue. Thanks to its new model at the intersection of work and play: Play-to-Earn.

A typical game would spend millions of dollars on marketing and keep the majority of profits to itself; Axie spends nothing on marketing, but lets players keep most of the value created.

Unlike a traditional Free-to-Play model, in which developers sell to players, or a Roblox-like model, in which the developer intermediates transactions, Axie Infinity is player-to-player.

Play-to-Earn is a new model that “rewards players for the time and effort they spend both playing the game and growing the ecosystem.” In Axie Infinity, 95% of the revenue goes to the players.

And that’s just its first act. Axie wants to reshape work and build the most valuable IP in history, all owned by the players themselves.

Axie is building more than a game; it’s building a virtual nation with its own economy. The Metaverse is already here, and it’s evenly distributed.

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Patrick Kervern, Founder at UMANZ. Sense-Maker & Curiosity expert.

#5 Advice to your younger self

What I wish I understood when starting out my career (source article click here) published on August 28th 2021 in Bloomberg and curated by Julien Triverio.

"What do you know today about your chosen field that you wish you knew when you were first starting out years ago?"

Answers can be summarized in 10 points:

1. Continue to learn new concepts/ideas/skills that can help you to be more successful in your professional life.

2. Keep only the very best from your reading list, projects/jobs to take on, clients to work with. Addition by subtraction, focus on excellence.

3. Work with a small group of talented people, take time and effort to nurture relationships.

4. Have someone who provides unfiltered feedback.

5. Embrace failure. (failure = growth).

6. Understand which metrics of success you are measured with.

7. Learn to "time travel", being able to conceptualize the future.

8. Don't worry about your first few jobs.

9. Collaborate with others to divide workload based on skillset to focus on what you do best.

10. Set a routine to get good habits.

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Julien Triviero, Multi-Asset Investment Manager at State Street Global Advisors. Julien helps clients to achieve their investment objectives and meet their risk targets.

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Late Check-Out by Greg Isenberg followed by us and many other curious minds,

Self Help by Stephen Elliott talks about personal finance with incredible fun,

Platformer by Casey Newton followed by us and many other curious minds,

My Super Secret Diary by Max Nussenbaum is so funny about life situations,

First 1000 by Ali Abouelatta followed by +10k subscribers,

The Jungle Gym by Nick deWilde about the future of work followed by +8k.

In bed with social by Marie Dolle.

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