Retrospecting on perso then work achievements: โ€œYou need to work on a balanced personal life to be at the top.โ€
What will happen in this new year ahead by industry leaders in Tech, Future of Work, Digital Marketing. All their takeaways summarized in this Specialโ€ฆ
Your comfort zone is your own worst enemy
Flow is not a state, it is a way to learn continuously
"If you donโ€™t change your mind frequently, youโ€™re going to be wrong a lot.โ€ Jeff Bezos
Experts curators share their key insights, every week
Experts curators share their key insights, every week Curators are the new creators
โ€œThe times ahead will be radically different from those we experienced in our lifetimesโ€.
ยซ Rien nโ€™est plus puissant quโ€™une idรฉe dont le temps est venu ยป Victor Hugo.
โ€œMake sure you surround yourself with smart people who disagree with you.โ€ Ray Dalio
Expert curators sharing their insights in business and tech, every week.
Compound writing is an essential ingredient for learning